Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Raw People

I went on a nice date
With a nice boy
To a nice place.
He might be a decoy.

I drove home and thought of "my people"; my weird, beautiful Colorado family. The ones I find instant connection with; the raw people - you know: the people who use the baggage they carry as humor devices. The weight on their shoulders is expressed sarcastically - almost hopelessly. They laugh freely, curse freely, make love freely - and cry (not quite as freely, but it happens). They are instantly comfortable and easy to talk to, joke with, sleep with. They are exciting and adventurous, but reckless too. Free-spirited (messy, maybe) with strong beliefs - some that hold still long enough for a photograph, then change expression. These are the people I laugh with, talk to, kiss, love freely, curse freely at, and cry in front of. They are people who love me, fall in love with me and on occasion, leave me in a shattered mess of confusion and pieces of broken heart. Mostly, they are people that love me; and people I will deeply love for all time. We exist together through chaos, awkwardness, through laughter, and through heartbreak but only because we are reckless enough to fall in love with each other and crazy enough to fall out... and back in. But there is always a spark with these people. These people are stitched recklessly, yet thoughtfully, together in a security blanket wrapped tightly around; a quilt that has allowed me to feel at home no matter where I am.

So I went on a nice date
With a very nice boy.
And knew he was out of place
When he didn't have a story.

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