Tuesday, September 21, 2010


A slippery step on the ice is hard to take
When the weight of past seasons won't go away

Summer left swiftly and wordlessly
Every un-answer remains a mystery 

The bright shatterings of Fall are on the floor 
And there are skeletons knocking at the door
- not begging for tricks or sweets -
The ghosts are my own. They haunt relentlessly.

With the facade of holding on - 
- the reality of letting go

Their words talk, 
Their laughter echoes,
Their sadness cries -
Into my ears 
                 and out from my eyes.

Welcome Winter,

You're just in time.

To hear me say,


Blue Green

She tempts you with her blue green eyes
And reflects her beauty in changing skies
You feel a pull with the outgoing tide
That abruptly steals you from my side

She holds your gaze from seas away
You imagine you'll drown in unruly waves
Yet she makes you wonder if you'll stay
Or take this chance to run away

It's not just that you're overtaken by her beauty -
It's that you know the affair will end quickly
- that she'll most likely leave you lonely

Just as you left me
When I lost the battle against the sea.