Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Please Remember?

Can we remember our opinions on how others' should work? 
How we would fix all these people that hurt? 
Because we have easy answers for everyone else. 
We have the answers to it all, within ourselves, 
Derived from our experiences, permanently ingrained. 
Can we remember that? That we know everything? 
I'll look at your answers, you look at mine. 
If we can just remember every time we smile,
To find compassion with every frown,
Can we remember this? So forever doesn't drown?
Do we even know if forever is real? 
Can we remember that forever is here? 
Can we forget?
And know what is now? 

...what about now? 

Let's not remember. Let's just be. Let's just know:

The way your body feels against mine, 
The way you kiss me like it's the first time,
Let's just know how we feel without fear - 
Let's know nothing beyond right here.