Thursday, April 21, 2011

Space Before Goodbye

There is a space before goodbye.

She led with, "It's your fault"
Then nothing until: "See ya later"
The fact that now he's gone
Rests heavy on my shoulders

Unfiltered blame was spoken
Truth or lie, it can't be unbroken
Words were painfully embedded
The statement cannot be unstated

The possibility of repair
Hangs in a delicate balance
Silent minds are unaware
Of apologies transpired since

All in the space before goodbye.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I used to see 
My face in your eyes
A reflection that reflects the guise
Things you told me, but mostly yourself
A focus on things you'd feel better about
 Words with bounds: "Maybe I could love you..."
Although you vaguely knew the truth
That love couldn't be and wasn't there
No matter how hard or how unfair -
 - it was to leave me unaware
Of how frustrating it felt
To be let down
By yourself
Now I see
My face through his eyes
A reflection to explain the guise
Of a love unexisting within myself
A wish for something to feel deeply about
Words unfound: "...but I do really love you."
Although not in a way that reaches true
Because  it  can't grow if it's not there
And  he  has to be somewhat aware
Of the repeating of this short tale 
( - quite difficult to tell)
As he falls in and -
and me down
By myself