Friday, June 18, 2010

Fire Trucks and Fishy Kisses

"I'm hungry" wakes me up at seven
Then three more times before eleven
"I want..." this one and that one and more
"What will you get ME at the store?"

Green eyes with "black dots in the middle"
Peer through the white spots on the mirror
A furrowed little brow and a pouty mouth
Are revealed when it's time for lights out

But there's a smiley drawn with crayon
And "I love you" behind his smile
A big fishy kiss after PJ's are on
That make every hiccup worth while.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Contents of a Promise

for Kaden.

I promise you the world -

- will ask you questions
To test what you thought you knew
Then teach you that more is less and

{the world}

Will subtly show you
How less can be more and

{the world}

Will surprise you to no end
And end with surprises
That teach you to be appreciative

{the world}

Will lie to make you feel better
And hurt you with the truth

Then mend you with the proof that


have loved you and always will
No matter what happens.


*Girl in Grey Dress Photography: MyKelle J Tieman