Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tired in November of 2010

And the wrecking ball continues to swing
          Once again only the bluest birds sing
(their saddest songs)

o f   t h i s  tragedy thing

It is
taking a serious
                          toll on everything

A toll that's getting tougher to pay
With each one that passes away

Whether it's:
Sadly with INTENT
Or unexpectedly by ACCIDENT

It seems as though
The ever presence of the word go
Has us questioning:
Will we ever grow
From the DARKNESS we've come to know.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Atlantic Rain

I close my eyes:

To see, to feel, to hear,
To know intimately
The weight of the rain
The overwhelming screams,
The intensity of Atlantic dreams

I close my eyes to feel
Water needles sink into my skin
Playing on the specific strings that -
-remind me what the weight of water is

I close my eyes to hear
Liquid drums carefully beating
To a melody always worth repeating
But lost in moments that are painfully fleeting

I close my eyes to know
The intimate intrusion of the wind
Wet and heavy as it soaks my soul
And it reminds me of when...

...I closed my eyes mid-wave
And hid inside the Atlantic rain.