Tuesday, February 15, 2011

July Remembers

It sits dry in the bottom of my glass
An empty memory of an empty past

July remembers the taste and the heat
Perfectly bitter and equally sweet
A sip of wine and then another
Minutes embraced by a moment of summer

A fragment of night when love spilled easily
July remembers the way he looked at me
And how "I love you" poured like wine
Without a breath, nor a responsive sigh

He looked at me with wide open eyes
And I heard my heart beat wildly inside
July remembers his hands and his silence
And knows why even his breath was quiet

A bottle from the vineyard, California 2007
I thought it would see us through 2011
Still it sits in the cabinet, silent and red
July knows about things unopened, unsaid

July remembers what passed fleetingly by
But will not remind me of how or why
So the very bottom of my glass is dry
As I search for a way to say good-bye.

{Summer 2009}

Monday, February 7, 2011

Can't Write You A Poem

There's a poem sitting in my head
But I don't know how to write it
There are out-loud words that I have said
But they don't quite do it justice

For the comfort you've wrapped around me
And the reprieve you've provided selflessly
For all the gifts you've graciously given me
There just aren't words that come out gracefully

There's a poem sitting in my head
With words of love and appreciation
Words that are better felt than said
In a poem that remains unwritten.

Friday, February 4, 2011


I screamed it loud
"Clean up after yourself!"
Hoping they would hear
With desperation in my tone:
"I can't be any more clear!"
I don't want to do this alone

When it boils down
To this messy house
I swear -
- I could run out of here.

(Inspired by the style of Shel Silverstein)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

...by Moon

Dimly glowing in a morning sky
As though time will never leave its side
The sun uprising from freezing sleep
Chases the moon away with radiant heat

In a moment when you could almost hear
Brilliantly, not one ounce of fear
A whisper of hello that turns to good-bye
 A truth is shown that sometimes seems a lie:

(When the sky so elogquently portrays)

That everything will be okay. 


Said good-bye before we knew it
Thought for sure we'd make it through
But there it went, away one threw it
And one still won't believe it's true.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Truth & I

     has chased me
And hunted me down
Has turned to face me
And held me to the ground

     stare reluctantly
Into the mirror I've found
One I'm always facing
No matter where I'm bound

    we have loved and lost
And loved again
No matter the cost
With mirror in hand
(a gift forever un-lost)
I will face it again