Saturday, January 22, 2011


A line remains drawn
Between safe and not
Barely separating us
From what we've sought
In lonely moments and long talks

We've studied cautiously, the unknown
Hinted quietly and spoken blatantly 
Screamed or wanted to and whispered subtly
Wondering what reaped would be sown

Still, a line remains drawn
Between safe and not
Waking me in an empty dawn
Safe inside my unsafe thoughts
Outside the words inside our talks

Monday, January 3, 2011

The Fear of Poetry

Your voice was my beacon
Through a time I couldn't speak in
I closed my eyes because all I could do
Was reach through my darkness for you

I found reprieve and I found sleep
...beside you, in me, on you, wildly
I found that you got me -
- or at least you tried
While I put my face in my hands to hide
Unrelenting silence to cover hidden truth
Afraid of what my poetry would prove:

Your voice was my beacon
Through a time I couldn't speak in
And when I opened my eyes to know you
I found I had walked swiftly through.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


While stumbling through fabrications of the night

                     I fell 
|through a door|
                                                                           long kept closed

Memoirs spilled from the pages of my mind
And inundated a space only a dream could find.

Good-bye Christmas.

The battle to push Christmas out
Was won when the tree went down
Scattered pine needles on the carpet
Are evidence of Big Pine's forfeit.
The ornaments are back in the box,
The fireplace took off its socks
Bright wrappings are gone,
No more red and green songs…

 I look forward to days that are warm
And long.