Friday, May 25, 2012

A Dangerous Tactic

In the war of prose vs revision:

The tactics of poetry are unsafe
The way it draws out thoughts
Not even the mouth can articulate

Because logic distorts truth
(When emotions are involved)

Because emotions distort you
(When logic is involved)

Logic knows,
We are to have a strong exterior
Cool, collected ducks above water
In order to race toward success
We must not let our hearts digress
(from our brains)

But when poetry is involved
Digress! As far from reason as possible
Remove the logically clouded goggles

No, argues logic, the cloud is emotion
And you must not be conquered
By a muscle your blood pumps from

But the heart can feel and hear and see
In prose, it's a thing to be treated tenderly -
And when the cold tactics of logic break in:
Common sense meets pain and becomes poetry.