Tuesday, November 11, 2008

She Said Be

A mother told her small girl,
“Be anyone, go anywhere in the world”
And I know exaclty why she said it.
Because now I have a little pilot
Who imagines navigating the sky.
A seafaring captain with green eyes.

The mother said to her little one,
“Create or perform, as long as you laugh and love”
And I understand that now because,
I have a finger-painting Michelangelo
Who also puts on a wonderful singing show.

I remember my mom said to me one day,
“I love you. Please don’t go.”
Because yesterday I went out to play,
And today, I’m a mother standing alone
Raising a small dreamer unfurled,
Who can be anyone, anywhere in the world.


Miss MyKelle J said...

I just love this one!!! You are amazing!

Regina said...

Did you really write that?!?! I LOVE IT!!!

Nancy said...

Very nice... a touching and beautiful snippet from a mother's heart.