Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Grateful Remnants

Thank you.
For evoking the tumultuous poetry
That once laid dormant in hidden corners
Behind the locked doors of my heart
For unlocking those doors
For being just distant enough for me
To safely fall in love with you
And then recklessly, ungracefully out of love
Then back again at the slightest hue
Of the colors I saw when I met you
For being the mirrorrrorim to my past self
Showing me the outside view
Into the windows of a cowering heart's home
For giddy laughter, shy smiles, fiery anger,
For held back tears behind stone faces,
And unabashed emotion--
That cannot be accurately named
For making me happy enough,
Angry enough,
Sad enough,
In love enough
To utter words both shakily and eloquently.
For pushing me away and down
Scary, exciting, untraveled paths beyond the last
Of my remaining barricades.
For freeing me from you.
Please free me from you.
Thank you.

Kendra Lise

"El amor es alegria. No te convenzas que sufrir es parte de el." Paulo Coelho

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