Friday, June 11, 2010

The Contents of a Promise

for Kaden.

I promise you the world -

- will ask you questions
To test what you thought you knew
Then teach you that more is less and

{the world}

Will subtly show you
How less can be more and

{the world}

Will surprise you to no end
And end with surprises
That teach you to be appreciative

{the world}

Will lie to make you feel better
And hurt you with the truth

Then mend you with the proof that


have loved you and always will
No matter what happens.


*Girl in Grey Dress Photography: MyKelle J Tieman

1 comment:

John W. May said...

Kendra, you're one of my favorite poets to read ... you're so creative (from the contents of your poems to the unique visual structures you experiment with).

This piece is especially beautiful inasmuch as it pertains to Kaden. Good stuff, K.