Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I used to see 
My face in your eyes
A reflection that reflects the guise
Things you told me, but mostly yourself
A focus on things you'd feel better about
 Words with bounds: "Maybe I could love you..."
Although you vaguely knew the truth
That love couldn't be and wasn't there
No matter how hard or how unfair -
 - it was to leave me unaware
Of how frustrating it felt
To be let down
By yourself
Now I see
My face through his eyes
A reflection to explain the guise
Of a love unexisting within myself
A wish for something to feel deeply about
Words unfound: "...but I do really love you."
Although not in a way that reaches true
Because  it  can't grow if it's not there
And  he  has to be somewhat aware
Of the repeating of this short tale 
( - quite difficult to tell)
As he falls in and -
and me down
By myself

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