Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dreams Deceased

In memory of my former classmate and childhood friend, Jason Ruman, who died as a result of drunk driving on November 5, 2005.

I dreamt of him last night
Just as he was, just as we were
His mannerisms, his every whim
The way I always stuck up for him

Kids can be unknowingly cruel
They don't know what he went through

My slumber captured him perfectly
Stolen directly from my memory
Flickering in front of me
A slow, interactive movie

We spent a day as though it was real
Punching each other playfully
Whispering the secrets of our families
(As though they were ours to steal)

I saw again the quiet glow
That, tragically, so few got to know
The one I saw from the bus in fifth grade
The one I thought would never fade

I woke to find myself alone,
And for a moment, I forgot
That he is somewhere we are not
Taken from our gray-colored home

Kids can be unknowingly cruel
When they don't know what else to do

He has no idea what we've been through.

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