Sunday, July 1, 2012


If I could stand within the rays he emits long enough
Maybe I'd be comforted enough to say this:

Your face is a calm autumn day in the middle of summer
And your smile has rays that send my head over -
- and under, and through - sweet dreams in slumber
I dreamt your arms to be a warm, nestling blanket
So I hold on to the moments with our brief embraces
And I hold in the words of my impatient feelings
They bang loudly against the walls of my imagination
"I was just wondering, are you seeing anyone?"
Such a simple question! I can't bring myself to ask
As though the answer would remove the mask
Is it a facade I've held on to that there is a chance?

I wonder if I'm happiest with my imagination's glance.

1 comment:

John W. May said...

Oh my God! That poem was incredible! And so creative ... how, in the name of God, do you come up with works like this, Kendra?