Monday, April 15, 2013

Warning Label

She draws you in.
You feel her first bite.

It stings at first,
But there's barely a fight,
Because then comes the rush,
The numbness makes it alright.
She fills up the emptiness,
Warms blood that turned cold,
Then she promises to stay 
Says you two will grow old.

In rare moments of clarity,
You know it's a trap
But she fills up your cup
And she rubs your back. 

She puts on a mask, a friendly decoy
That distracts you with laughter,
And provides a fake sense of joy.

Then the head aches begin,
And your stomach won't heal
Until you've forgotten what it's like -
- to feel pain. to feel well. to feel. 

She's a silent fluid predator
Slipping down your throat
And unless you catch her,
She'll completely take you out. 

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