Monday, May 4, 2009


When your stare escaped away from mine,

What thoughts dripped from the corner of your eye?

Were you thinking you love me?

Were you thinking good-bye?

You asked what I'm doing,

"I'm trying to read your mind"

You asked if it's working

And got a discouraged reply.

What image rests in the corner of your mind?

What exists in your dreams, your hopes, your lies?

Tell me, what words danced through your gaze

As you stared off into a corner far away.


John W. May said...

Your comment was very kind, Kendra. I pop in occasionally to view your poems (you’re very gifted).

This particular one is very mysterious to me … does the poet impart the idea of divided hearts, or the hope or reassessment of union?? Or am I simply way off?

I love the imagery, very colorful.

Kendra Lise said...

Thank you, John! You're not that far off. This poem refers to the mysterious thoughts emitted from eyes which belong to a guarded heart.