Wednesday, June 1, 2011


He sees me in the morning sky
And when his camera reaches his eye
He sees me in the evening shadows
And in dim mornings the night draws out
He sees me in the mirror's reflection
A ghost in the place that I once stood in

He sees the woman he thought I was
And I understand it now because

I see him in lights that subtly lie
And hear his slowly whispered good-bye 
I see him in mourning's early shadows
The silhouettes of what I let go
I see him in the photo's reflection
And the way I used to look at him

I see the man I thought he was
But I do not know him now because

Although we look at the same sky
There is distance from his eyes to mine
We see only ghosts inside the shadows
During the nights we have come to know
And remember clearly our own perceptions
Bridged by occasionally shared reflections

Poem inspired by a love letter that was written to me from a person who so carefully and gracefully carried my broken pieces for a moment in time. I am grateful for that moment.

"I see you in everything. I see you in the morning sky, I see you in the evening shadows, I see you in my dreams. I see you when I lift the camera to my eye, and when the picture magically appears I wonder if it would appeal to you. As each day wakes me, I hope you won't be the first thing on my mind...but you are."

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